Tuesday 24 April 2012

Using the VW as a removal van

Barbara is converted into a removal van
Barbara did her first proper 'job' today, although not in cash terms as we were moving a friend. Was keen to see what Barbara could carry 'fully loaded' and with the Danbury conversion in emperor bed mode (see pic)

Anyway i was shamed as i could not get either of my friends sofa's in via the sliding doors without removal of the buddy seats (no photos of this embarrassing spectacle). Another friend had a large Fiat estate with a dropping tailgate and the sofa's just slipped in! Very embarrassing to be beaten by a Fiat although i remember my old Fiat Panda regularly carried a 2 kilowatt sound system and seemed to have Tardis like abilities.

She did carry a lot of boxes and looked like she had been lowered by a few inches.