Tuesday 10 July 2012

Fifty Shades of Green

I am afraid there is nothing erotic about this post, the bus is often filthy and dirty, but not in that way. Its actually six shades not fiffty, but maybe i will get a few extra hits from people searching for 'mummy porn'!

 I created the image above to act as a 'straw poll' of what shade of green i should paint the bus in. It has to be green now because of the green kente curtains courtesy of my mother in law that will now provide the overall 'theme' for the interior.
After going through the RAL codes i have picked my favourite shades and using photoshop paint bucket have overlayed them on Barbara. Judging from Facebook comments (see below) it looks like RESIDA and PALE are in front. Please take the time to vote on this  Poll in the right hand collum.