Friday 29 March 2013

Oil Change

Today i jacked up the old girl and did an oil change with the help of VWHeritage oil change kit of new filter and gaskets. Luckily for me i have the sump with the 21m oil sump drain which combined with the handy oil drain container (pictured) got the job done with the minimum of mess. (Just as well as i was using my friends driveway - thanks Amanda!)

The job was made really easy thanks to the Just Kampers how to video which i followed to the letter.
Just like in the video my old was like a gunky black treacle, but now is a lovely golden colour thanks to 2litres of Morris SAE30 Oil. Will make sure to do it again in another 3,000 miles rather than the 30,000 since the last change by the looks of it.

Tuesday 12 March 2013

Monza Four Tip Exhaust Fitted

Louder, Faster, Stronger! Well not much faster although the extra air flow from the four tips might improve performance. It certainly feels and sounds faster! Check out the video below for a comparison of the engine noise with my old stock exhaust and the new four tip.

I have promised this will be the only non stock replacement part for the exterior of the bus, but these bad boys certainly look the business. I love the deeper bass note to the Monza, but hope my neighbours agree!

Wednesday 6 March 2013

Firetrace Auto Fire Suppression System Fitted

'patented linear detection tubing'
Cylinder tucked away beside the leisure battery

Another sticker added!

Its been keeping me awake at night and videos like this one below have not helped!

 Well i have done something about it and fitted a Firetrace Auto Fire Extinguisher that will blast any nasty engine fire right on the hot spot thanks to its 'pattented linear detection tubing'. It was a doddle to fit and got a healthy discount thanks to being a member of my local VW Club and Firetrace being based in Ipswich. They also gave me a bracket for the back up cylinder that is now just for those annoying cooking inferno's in the bus. Fingers crossed i will never need either but feel much more relaxed now my baby's protected.
The back up!


ICI paint factory, Stowmarket, seemed an appropriate setting!

She passed last week and i must have already done 200 miles as this is now my daily drive round East Suffolk in the new job. She's running really well and although she looks a bit rough still at least she is solid! So good to get her back after 7 months sitting on an airfield waiting to be welded.

Work done :
Welding to chassis, jacking points
Two new front arch panels
Fabrication/welding and partial replacement of the front cab floor
Replacement sliding door
New horn and wiring
Headlamp wiring
Reconditioned handbrake

Sunday 3 March 2013

Dual port or single port engine?

This is a useful diagram i found that shows the differance. Although Babs almost certainly had a single port as its original engine, the replacement fitted in the 90's is dual port. Lot of discussion on the forums about which is best, i tend to think simple is better so the single port is what i would go for.