Sunday 17 May 2015

Revamped Interior : shabby chic denim and vintage reggae theme!

This is the type of Interior refresh suitable for the bus owner who has spent the budget and then some on the respray and has nothing left but favours, hard work and a pile of junk to 'up-cycle' !

Best things about the upgrade?
Having pockets on the panels to put your mobile phone, sweets, rolls of cash etc.
  • Rock n Roll bed : no more falling
    through the 'slats' in the old original Danbury layout! 
  • Managed to save a lot of the original Danbury interior, including one of the buddy seats
  • Cab Seats : the only thing done by a Pro and well worth it, used high quality denim off the roll rather than the old pairs of Jeans used in the rest of the bus.
  • My Reggae 7" table, the 'feature' item. Lots of trial and error : MK 1 was made
    used using resin over the records. Apart from nearly killing myself with fumes and turning my shed into something resembling a scene from 'Breaking Bad', i had to use faked 7" with cool reggae labels over what were originally Max Bygraves 7". The adhesive and resin reacted and fouled, epic fail. In MK 2 version i used Perspex over the original reggae 7" in my collection, meaning i can unscrew it and use some of my funk 7"or Punk even. 
Still quite a bit to finish, some of it is more shabby than chic.

  • Cab door panels, using same new denim used on the cab seats.
  • Installation of folding buddy seat on the sliding door side.
  • Refresh of the overhead storage cupboard. 
  • Some suitably vintage speaker covers under the rear bench
  • Replace the coffee sack ceiling with some cool Kente (West African) fabric that mach the curtains. (thanks Mummy Phillips!
Finally must say a big thank you to Barbara for all the hard work on denim and anybody who gave us their old jeans!