Wednesday 6 March 2013

Firetrace Auto Fire Suppression System Fitted

'patented linear detection tubing'
Cylinder tucked away beside the leisure battery

Another sticker added!

Its been keeping me awake at night and videos like this one below have not helped!

 Well i have done something about it and fitted a Firetrace Auto Fire Extinguisher that will blast any nasty engine fire right on the hot spot thanks to its 'pattented linear detection tubing'. It was a doddle to fit and got a healthy discount thanks to being a member of my local VW Club and Firetrace being based in Ipswich. They also gave me a bracket for the back up cylinder that is now just for those annoying cooking inferno's in the bus. Fingers crossed i will never need either but feel much more relaxed now my baby's protected.
The back up!