Monday 23 April 2012

Alien Scavenger Hunt

Honestly not my idea, but when deciding on an original idea for her 11th birthday she had the idea of a party at one of our favourite places, Rendlesham Forest, near Woodbridge and site of the infamous 'Rendlesham UFO incident' that is the U.K's own rival for the 'Roswell UFO crash' in the US.

It was a great day and the kids loved the den building session with the Forest Ranger, Bev, and then the 'Alien Scavenger Hunt' looking for pieces of UFO wreckage, alien slime and an actual Alien ('Zog' who actually came from Ebay and not the dog star Sirius)

Best of all she raised nearly £200 for her chosen charity Médecins Sans Frontières MSF (Doctors Without Borders)
 Obviously Barbara the bus was utilised as 'Alien Hunt HQ' and was really useful to transport and serve all the food and refreshments. A big thank you to all the special agents who took part and donated so generously and all the adult helpers for their energy and enthusiasm.