Saturday 28 April 2012

Putting some I.C.E in the bus

Ammo case......
......hiding the stereo
 No I have not added an M60 machine gun to the bus (But it would be useful in dealing with 'Chelsea Tractor' 4x4's!) Pretty pleased with the installation which means i get to keep the original tape cassette player in the dash.

I.C.E by the way stands for 'In Car Entertainment' but i won't be adding a bass tube as the 6x9 kenwoods under the bench seats are going to add a definate 'boom' to the bus as the cavity above the wheel arch will act as a pretty good speaker box. I  wanted to save the door cards so mounted the smaller 10cm pioneer speakers in the front kick panels...i just hope they dont get kicked by careless passengers.

To test the bass out i made this dub steppy mix, which makes a change to the vintage sounds i usually play in the bus (see the previous post :  Beats for the Bus )

10cm Pioneer's in the kick panels

6x9 Kenwoods under the rear bench seat