Thursday 12 April 2012

Restoration rained off

Clunk, click, every trip...the old belts are retired

Slow progress on Bab's as the weather turns nasty, however a few jobs have been done, the most useful being the addition of two modern 3 point securon seat belts for the front of the cab. It felt a bit of a shame to remove the knacked old fashioned clip buckles that made me and previous owner feel like you were strapping into a vintage aeroplane or roller coaster, however they had to go as they were getting frayed and would probably fail at the next MOT, it was also frustrating having to explain to new passengers how to work them.

Was pleased i managed to fit them myself but i did loose most of the skin on my hand and wrists on the wheel arch trying to remove the old belts from the base mount that had completely rusted up. Although the bus is looking better my hands are looking like a blacksmiths who hand feeds piranha's, my manicurist is going to horrified.

I also got a shiny new Ariel so i can listen to Radio 4 (  I cannot listen to music radio unless its BBC 6 music and i wont be upgrading to a DAB radio in the bus as it basically does not work on the move)
Also on the security front a lovely brass locking petrol cap has been added, but like the ariel and other parts i have ordered that's repro as opposed to original VW parts, they never fit exactly and require bodging, sorry i meant alteration.