Saturday 31 March 2012

Pull up to my bumper baby

Today i drove to sunny Southend to collect the original rear bumper for Barbara. Her beautiful rear end has been disfigured for i don't know how many years by the addition of a very ugly bumper from a T25. As i have already mentioned i have a soft spot for the T25, which was the boxy 1980's updating of the VW T2 Transporter, but on the lovely curves of the T2 Bay it just looks wrong, a bit like Dame Helen Mirren in a shell suit.

A huge thanks to Simon who contacted me on the early bay forum and offered us a choice of two rear bumpers, one a bit scabby and the other a bit dented. Simon's garage was a veritable Aladdin's den of early bay parts and the guy owns three buses and a beetle and gave us some great advice and he let me crawl all over his work in progress : a lovely Chianti red westy. He sells buses and the guy knows his stuff : check out his lovely  1971 Westfalia poptop, USA import  over at his page under his profile campmobile70. Don't forget to look for that rear quarter light window for me Simon!

 Anyway,  I went for the dented one figuring i could easily bash out those dents and strip the bumper of its paint. However almost as soon as i got back home i could not resist hacking off the old offending lump of iron and sticking this one on, a bit like a kid with a new pair of trainers. So pleased with the look even before i have cleaned it up, although our boy made a good start on sanding it down (see above)