Thursday 15 March 2012

Ancient bus manuscripts

Some of the bus's original documentation are looking like they were printed on parchment or vellum, so just as well i hooked the scanner up to copy them before they turn to dust. Cute that Danbury hand typed their manuals, love all the seating arrangement and can't wait to try out the 'L' shaped sitting room pictured in the handbook (see picture of the couple smoking somthing suspicous on page 1)
Danbury Handbook, cover

Danbury Handbook, Pg 1
Danbury Handbook,Pg 2
Danbury Handbook,Pg 3
Danbury Layout Guide 1
Danbury Layout diagram
Taymar Grill, Boiler, Fryer instructions
Slimline Grill Instructions
Slimline double burner 'n' grill, parts list
Bit puzzled which grill i have as i have instructions for the Taymar and Slimline double burner'n' grill. Anyone can help the picture is below

We are cookin' on gas!

After posting this on Early Bay forums  i got a great responce from the Danbury purists and thanks to 'Danbury Dan' who posted a pic of his amazing collection of Danbury stuff (see below) collected over many years from ebay (More stuff on my watch list then!) Also tipped me off to where to find the original Danbury badges that are missing on Barbara.