Saturday 10 March 2012

Job list and costings :

Owning one of these babies is not cheap, but as i reminded my bank manager and various family members this is an INVESTMENT! Yes by splurging loads of cash on a rusty old bus i am actually making money!!! Best of all if you miss your mortgage repayments or have to seperate/divorce because of the amount you have spent you at least have somewhere to sleep.
Most of the parts prices are from Just Kampers and VWHeritage stores, ive gone for cheaper options were possible including 'rust free' imported panels via ebay which will require stripping of paint and light dent removal.

Essential (To pass next MOT)

Repair Horn
Welding (Mainframe) and two new front arches by Simon at ICS Racing  £250 -3300
New door left hand side (Ebay refurbished)                                                 £150
New door seals for left hand side JK                                                            £79
2xNew Wheel arches from VeeWee (front)                                                  £137
New Sliding Door                                                  £225
Sliding Door Seal VWH                                                                               £28.96

TOTAL                                                                                                          £869.96


Auto fire extinguisher for engine bay £50
New front seat belts £60
Locking engine bay and fuel cap
Dog harness and seatbelt


Rear bumper (current bumper is from a T25 ) £144.50
Vintage Plates (£34.70) 
New window seals  £102.51
Put back in headliner in pop top (3M Fabric Adhesive) £10
New panels for most of the bottom section of bus £400
Mount spare tyre to front
Repair rear hatch door (stuck)
Leisure/Car battery (£20 from scrappie)
600w Inverter £50
Relay £17:50
Small 450w Oil Radiator £20 Second hand
Stereo with phono line in
Amp, speakers
Famia Bike Rack
Repair of front seats 
Curtains, seat re upholster £50 (Curtains)
Re spray/roller with Rustolene paint £70
White wall tyres
Clean & re paint of pop top roof
New carb and exhaust set up for economy
Drive away awning
peugeot 106 sunroof fit to pop top (£20 from scrappie)

Fantasy/Lottery Win

Chrome bumpers front and rear
Chrome trim
Internal LPG heater