Friday 24 January 2014

The Big Restoration & Respray : Week 2

Think there is a horror film called 'What Lies Beneath'. Is it about Volkswagens? My bloody chasis is like the worst slasher movie on earth!

Week two has found some pretty horrible mess under the belly pan which is hiding a multitude of bodges, bad welding and rot and grot.

Cut out N/S: inner and outer sills
all outriggers and jacking points
belly pan
Rear two sections of top hat
Front load floor area and top hat section
Cut out O/S: B-post
Front load floor area and top section
Cut out old repairs to chassis
Bare metal N/S rear and corner panels
Carry out welding to N/S sill strengthener and chassis
Carry out filler work to front doors as necessary
2k filler prime front doors