Saturday 18 January 2014

The Big Restoration & Respray : Week 1

Dave at Simpsons Aircooled has done an amazing amount of work in the first week 
New upper front panel in place
The new Brazilian Combi doors now actually close properly, they even lock now!

Detail of new front panel repair

Back end of a bus

Tail gate corner repair

Babs surrounded by some of Dave's other projects

The belly pan and central support part of the chassis was in a terrible state, major surgery required
Dave's website
Remove all windows
Get front doors to fit
Strip of tailgate, engine lid and rear valance
Remove all lights
Remove bumpers
Carry out welding to windscreen recess area
Carry out welding to N/S and O/S rear corners
Cut out O/S: side panel
inner and outer sills
all outriggers and jacking points
belly pan
Bare metal O/S middle, rear and corner panels
Bare metal front panel
Bare metal tailgate and petrol flap