Sunday 16 February 2014

The Big Restoration & Respray : Week 5

Offside panels in and rear arch repair

This week Dave has been mostly...........

Clean up and weld in front chassis cross-member
Cut welds on o/s rear arch, re-clamp into position and re-weld
Cut out rusted area on inner o/s rear wheel tub
Fabricate and weld in repair to o/s rear inner wheel tub
Weld in o/s and n/s lower front arch repairs
Weld in n/s and o/s inner and outer b-post repairs cutting rusted post out where necessary
Weld o/s outer sill and panel repair together
Weld above into place
Weld in n/s outer sill into place
Clean up all welds where necessary

Post and sliding door sills repair

Cross member in place

Wheel arch repair