Wednesday 6 February 2013

Rust never sleeps : major welding for Babs

The passenger side wheel arch in place, more patching up to be done to area under the cab seat
Work in progress, six months 'progress' to be exact. That's how long Babs has been on the vehicular equivalent of life support, her guts hanging out in a hanger at a deserted Suffolk WW2 Airfield. Nearly done now but all sorts of nastiness discovered and the extent of Babs previously botched surgery. Lots of fabrication going on as my replacement panels had nothing to fixed too around her rotten bottom. Passenger seat was sitting on a particularly soggy bit of rust and old chewing gum alone. She isn't going to look like a supermodel yet, but at least she's 'solid' after this!
Drivers side Arch with fabrication to enable welding

Inside 'Hanger 13' with 'new' sliding door in place

At least she doesn't look as bad as this wreck lying outside the hanger, nice patina tho!