Friday 1 June 2012

I beat up a hippy and all i got was this old bus and other stickers

Getting busy with the craft knife with the home made stickers(and stencil)
Most ratty old VW's have a fine collection of stickers/decals/graphics plastered over them, and I decided I would slap a few on Barbara but wanted to save money and get totally unique designs by making them myself (See picture above) using 'Crafty Computer Paper' self print sticker kit.

These sheets are quite easy to use and give good results. You print of your image in colour or B&W on any computer paper, and then cover your design (Which you can trim with a craft knife to get the look like the 'Aircooled' and 'Dubway' decals above) in the sheets that then can be stuck to the inside of your car/bus windscreen.  

I have not done the legend ' I beat up a hippy...' mentioned above or the 'Keep Calm, Carry a Spare' I saw on a ratty split recently.

The classic 'Nuclear Power No Thanks' sticker is in Gaelic (Irish)

The Shepard Fariey classic 'OBEY and Angela Davis' graffiti art